Baking Paper Roll 30cm x 120m Roll

Baking Paper Roll 30cm x 120m Roll
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    • Brand: Alpen
    • Barcode: 0680569618900
    • UOS: Roll


Size / Diameter: 120m x 300mm

Material: Bleached Vegetable Parchment Paper

Colour: White

Pack Qty: 1x 120m roll - Buy in bulk wholesale and save!

Discover the secret to baking success with our premium Baking Paper. Also known as non-stick paper, it's the ultimate tool for easy and convenient baking. From lining baking pans to preventing food from sticking to trays, our high-quality paper ensures flawless results every time. Crafted from sturdy and durable materials, it withstands high temperatures and promotes even heat distribution for consistent baking. Whether you're creating delectable cakes, savoury pies, or mouth watering pizzas, our eco-friendly and disposable Baking Paper makes cleanup a breeze. Elevate your baking game, enjoy healthier cooking, and savour the joy of hassle-free cleanup with our exceptional Baking Paper.

High volume food preparation

Food safe

Sturdy and durable made from proven high quality materials

Proven performer that can be reused

High quality European paper

Converted and packed in Australia

Quick and effortless cleaning process

Healthier baking


Easy and convenient

Our Baking paper rolls are ideal for the toughest of bake houses. Our European quality is second to none. Our product is a bleached vegetable parchment paper.