360 Bio Dunisoft Premium Napkins 40cm Blue Navy 1/4 Fold Packed 60 x 6

360 Bio Dunisoft Premium Napkins 40cm Blue Navy 1/4 Fold Packed 60 x 6
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    • Brand: Duni
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Dunisoft® becomes Bio Dunisoft®
With its delightful softness, exclusive look and feel, and high quality, Dunisoft® quickly became one of our customer’s favourite materials. Now we're replacing most of the Dunisoft® family with a better alternative – Bio Dunisoft®.
The products remain the same, we've just added more features.
Like a fossil-free binder made with corn, lemon peels and other food waste.
And the home-compostable certification.
●  Fossil-free & renewable materials            ●  Range of colours
●  Climate-neutral by compensation            ●  Home compostable
●  19% fewer carbon emissions compared to our Dunisoft® napkins

The new colours of sustainability
In 2022, Duni launched its innovative premium napkins made from a fossil-free and fully renewable material.
In a sustainable future, there will still be a need for disposable products and disposable solutions – but they need to be improved. To reach the next level in sustainable product solutions, Duni is launching a new collection of colourful premium napkins made from a fossil-free and renewable material. This collection proves that sustainability doesn’t have to be brown, but that it is possible to see a coloured future.
The new colourful Bio Dunisoft® premium napkins are bound together by a new innovative material using
lemon peel, corn and other food waste. The development of this renewable material took place in
collaboration with OrganoClick; an award-winning Swedish company honoured for its OC-BioBinder™.

“We are proud to make the most out of our very important innovation that we have in Bio Dunisoft®
by making it even more attractive and useful for the restaurant and hotel industry. Napkins don’t have
to be brown to be more sustainable.” says Hanna Banica, Marketing Director at Duni.
The new napkins give restaurant- and hotel guests a colourful and premium experience, and at the
same time it helps reduce our dependence on fossil raw materials.