Napkin Dunisoft 20cm Mandarin Ctn2880

Napkin Dunisoft 20cm Mandarin Ctn2880
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    • Brand: Duni
    • Barcode: 07321031680652
    • UOS: 1 carton


Tags: Dunisoft, Dsoft, Napkin, Duni, Orange

Dunisoft Cocktail Napkins 20cm Mandarin / Orange  1/4 Fold, packed 16 x 180pcs = Ctn 2880 



•  High softness makes napkins a pleasure to touch  •  Strong absorbency ensures each napkin lasts the whole meal
•  Made with an innovative process that uses air instead of water  •  A treat to touch
•  Optimal cost/performance balance for informal premium settings  •  These products are made from sustainably sourced materials & are compostable  



" Napkins are the icing on the cake of any table.  Our selection gives you a rich choice of top-quality, beautiful eco-conscious napkins for all needs and occasions."  Laurence Rocchini, Category Manager, Napkins

•  Qualities, formats and designs for all occasions •  Consistently flawless colour, shape and hygiene
•  Variety of timesaving pre-folded solutions  •  Tactile with excellent folding properties 
•  Softness ensures a rewarding guest experience   •  Premium quality ensures one napkins lasts the whole meal.